About Us





We provide services to clients in the fields of business, politics, sports, entertainment, government, social services and religious affairs. IIPR believes in an aggressive approach to the communications process.

Strategic advance-preparation, coupled with an in-depth command of our client’s needs, allows us to develop professional communications campaigns that provide awareness, heightened exposure target connectivity and increased bottom-line figures.

Often clients approach IIPR having a desired end-game public relations, publicity affect. IIPR thoroughly understands media trends because we’ve helped create them.

As seasoned public relations practitioners, IIPR knows that 75% of the news covered in one day was generated by public relations efforts. Our role is to properly package and manage our clients’ images and safeguard their dignity by getting their story told via local, national and trade news organizations, book deals and specialty broadcast groups




Shanan E. Jones, Chief Executive Officer
Mark Winkler, Managing Partner - IIPR West
Kattya Jones, Executive Vice President
John Reed, Senior Writer & Editor
Brenda Davenport, Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations
Lydia Poromon, Director of Health Promotions